About Us

ZEEMAX Garments, an Garments Manufacturer, instigated its journey with a vision of becoming the most recognized knitwear manufacturer of the country as well as to take the widely known reputation of INDIA as a global leader to a new highly offering the best blend of quality and efficiency.

Stringent quality control measure and efficient use of our well equipped laboratory has resulted in the form of Quality standard.
We have full fledged Quality Assurance department. Quality will be monitored from the very beginning stage of the order process. We have approvals, testing, check points and inspections at all stages.
Our DEFINITION of quality is CONFORMANCE TO REQUIREMENTS, having specified very carefully the requirements of our customers, our suppliers and our processors.
Our SYSTEM of quality Management concentrates on PREVENTION. Looking at our processes, identifying the opportunities for error and taking action to eliminate them.

Why Choose Us?

ZEEMAX Garments, has expanded its capacity, developed a skilled management team, workforce, and integrated sophisticated technologies in order to become globally competitive. Our painstaking efforts to reengineer each steps of ZEEMAX Garments, value chain procurements, production process and planning.

  • Cutting Unit
  • Stiching Unit
  • Sampling Unit
  • Packing Unit